Press 'N' for next level if you can't progress due to a bug :)

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Heckronomicon is an attractive and thoughtful 2D puzzle-platformer set in Victorian era-England. Players find themselves in the shoes of Edward, a detective who discovers he can control the spirit of a long dead witch. At any time players can  unpossess Edward to become the witch’s spirit form, a footless bird called a Martlet. While in spirit form Players can possess the bodies of the witch’s deadly followers. Players are challenged to complete single-screen puzzles where they must outsmart and overwhelm the meddling Red Coat army by manipulating the Witch’s blood-thirsty cult. Along the way players will recover the scattered pages of the witch’s infamous tome, the cursed Heckronomicon .

  • Control a spirit in the form of a bird to pass through physical barriers and possess cultists
  • Control a hard-boiled detective to pass through supernatural barriers
  • Switch between between supernatural and physical control modes to solve clever puzzles
  • Commandeer mobs of ravenous cultists to overwhelm the enemy
  • Dark but humorous tone illustrated with attractive and chunky sprites
  • Keyboard or gamepad supported
  • 11 levels

Feedback is welcomed and hoped for!

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Made, Unity
TagsFunny, gamepad, Pixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer, Zombies
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller

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I really loved this game! So nice the gameplay and graphics. Nice job. But in some levels i saw bugs ,mostly where had many witchs , they passed by colliders and the music got really weird.

good game bro, nice graphics, nice gameplay :) On the last level I could jump through the wall of the house on the 2nd floor left side as i tried to go up one floor.

Very great work

Thanks!  I'm working on getting a build with sounds onto my page but FMOD is not playing nicely with my Unity build!

cool game! i found one bug though. when i complete the first level with the soldiers the level restarts instead of letting me proceed. 

I've encountered that too!  Trying to track down why but it never happens while I'm debugging :/

Will post a fix when I track it down. 

Thanks for playing!


Ok I was *not* able to reproduce it on demand after trying about 20 times but I made a change that I hope will prevent it from happening.  If you (or anyone else!) sees a level restart after you've successfully reached the exit please let me know and I'll keep investigating.

i can get past the military now! i think you fixed it :)

let us celebrate with the adding of chocolate to milk!

Hope you enjoy the rest of the levels :)


Very cool! No problems on my end, great job.


Thanks very much!

whenever i unposses it restarts


Weird!  I'll see if I can reproduce it. Thanks for trying it out. 

Thank you!

Hey, Sansthepunny,

I can't seem to get it to happen on my PC.  Does it happen consistently for you or do you need to do anything specific? I'm using chrome, which browser do you use?  If you don't use chrome then do you still get the problem in chrome?


I'm using google chrome and it still happens to me

Hey SANSTHEPUNNY a bunch of changes have gone in since your report.  Is it still happening now?  I wanna fix that bug whatever it is.